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Audio content for entrepreneurial physicians and health care professionals. 

If you are doctor who is:
- looking to start a new business
- start their own blog or website for profit
- opening or expanding a new practice
- develop a new app or med invention
- interested in non-clinical opportunities or ventures
- interested in connecting with like-minded
doctors and health care entrepreneurs

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Apr 24, 2021

Leveraging your expertise is one of the best types of online business out there.

The advantages are numerous, including no overhead, time convenience,
not having to buy products wholesale, etc. —
rather you are simply monetizing your knowledge to help others.

On this episode, I discuss why the demand for physicians as...

Apr 17, 2021

Obviously, I’m a big proponent of physicians supporting other physician-owned businesses, especially when it comes to education-based companies. 

Usually because they often develop the business simply for the love of teaching others, rather than just another profit vehicle.

I once had the opportunity to witness my...

Apr 10, 2021

More physicians are finally seeing the light! They've learned they can add extra income by leveraging their knowledge in the form of products and coaching programs.  But it's not enough.  There’s still more room for physician experts! 

Here are 3 strategies that as a consultant it took me a long learn, that...

Apr 3, 2021

Meet Dr. Kirsten Limmer, a board-certified pediatrician, PhD in molecular biology, and also an incredibly savvy real estate investor.  She learned that she could save lots of time and money, by designating herself as a Real Estate Professional.  Most doctors are attracted to real estate investing because they hear about...