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Audio content for entrepreneurial physicians and health care professionals. 

If you are doctor who is:
- looking to start a new business
- start their own blog or website for profit
- opening or expanding a new practice
- develop a new app or med invention
- interested in non-clinical opportunities or ventures
- interested in connecting with like-minded
doctors and health care entrepreneurs

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Sep 17, 2022

Were you pressured by your family to become a high achiever?  Well, the burden to attain success can be incrementally more stressful if you grew up in an immigrant family.   After attaining a master’s degree in information networking from Carnegie Mellon , Janak Mehta eventually left a high paying job at Ford Motor...

Jul 30, 2022

Grow and Scale - That’s the mantra we have at BootstrapMD. Today you’ll meet an attorney (don’t worry, she’s cool!) that I first heard about when I read her book Med Spa Confidential, now an Amazon Best Seller.

Sara Shikhman is an Ivy-League trained corporate attorney and entrepreneur with over 14 years of...

Feb 19, 2022

The definition of generational wealth refers to assets passed by one generation of a family to the next.  As a father of an adult autistic son, this topic is obviously very important to me, for as parents we want to make sure he is taken care of when we are gone.  In this interview, you’ll meet Dr. Param...

Oct 9, 2021

As an entrepreneur you always need to invest and reinvest in your business.  For a change of pace, I discuss five investments we made in the last 45 days totaling over $200,000 and what I hope to expect in terms of ROI.  Some investments are pretty conservative, and some are pretty weird and risky!  What are they? ...

Mar 28, 2020

The stories and conversations I heard this week shook me to the core.  Physicians being laid off or having their salaries cut in half.  Doctors being forced to jeopardize their own health in unsafe conditions for the “greater good”.  This week I “rant” on a message that needs to be heard loud and clear.  And...