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Audio content for entrepreneurial physicians and health care professionals. 

If you are doctor who is:
- looking to start a new business
- start their own blog or website for profit
- opening or expanding a new practice
- develop a new app or med invention
- interested in non-clinical opportunities or ventures
- interested in connecting with like-minded
doctors and health care entrepreneurs

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Nov 28, 2020

We all make mistakes!  Not an earth-shattering statement, but as a veteran entrepreneur, I’ve noticed the same problems come up repeatedly, that can often make the difference between success and failure of your business.  By the end of today’s episode, you’ll learn some tendencies that I often see with...

Nov 21, 2020

If you are a subscriber to the podcast, you know I’ve been a long time advocate of adding as many sustainable income streams you can to generate wealth for physicians.  Focus your attention on owning as many income building assets that you can. Certainly starting a side business is one of my favorites, but...

Nov 14, 2020

From the Archives!

Did you know BootstrapMD wasn’t my first podcast?

Years ago, I co-hosted a podcast entitled The Internet Income Show, with my good friend and entrepreneur whiz Eric Louviere.

It was a show devoted to a general audience on building a successful internet business. And it just goes to show you, no...

Nov 7, 2020

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon McLaughlin felt alone as a female physician entrepreneur. 

created a successful skin care line for her private practice, she yearned to connect with other women entrepreneurs, to network and share experiences.  Unfortunately,  what she found was a ghost town.

So just...