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Audio content for entrepreneurial physicians and health care professionals. 

If you are doctor who is:
- looking to start a new business
- start their own blog or website for profit
- opening or expanding a new practice
- develop a new app or med invention
- interested in non-clinical opportunities or ventures
- interested in connecting with like-minded
doctors and health care entrepreneurs

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Jan 29, 2022

This episode is a continuation of my interview with internet entrepreneur Ty Cohen.  In this episode you will learn how his students have made $10,000 a month or more selling everything from romance novels to cookbooks using the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform.   Even his family have been involved in the business,...

Jan 22, 2022

We’re continuing our series on how you can developing revenue generating assets (RGA) for passive income.  This week we look at how creating Amazon Kindle eBooks can lead to a sustainable recurring income. 

My long-time friend and wildly successful online entrepreneur shows how he built a publishing empire with...

Jan 15, 2022


This is the 10th anniversary of starting my first cash-based medical practice and many of you may not know the story how it got started.  You’ll discover (warts and all) how the clinic got started and all the lessons learned along the way. 

If you aspire to start your own practice, or you have a practice now and...

Jan 8, 2022

This episode is for anyone who wants to create an online course! We discussed in the previous podcast episode, I want this to be the year you develop another income stream!  Online courses are a great way to generate extra revenue.

I'm going to take you through exactly how to go about it - from coming up with a great...

Jan 1, 2022

It's the new year!  And like all of us, you're thinking about your goals.  You know that one of them should be to generate more revenue for yourself and your family.  But instead of working more hours, why not use the time to develop a Revenue Generating Asset (RGA).  By developing RGAs, we can establish receiving...