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Aug 28, 2021

Mistakes always happen when we rush things.  I’ve seen this not only in medicine, but life in general. We can also end up living a life of regrets and unhappiness if the switch is set on autopilot, where we are just going through the motions. Sometimes you need to reach out , take control, and press PAUSE! 

As discussed in Episode 130, I had to do this recently when our family was (is) going through some really tough medical issues. The secret to inner peace is learning to pause and be present, so says Dr. Jessie Mahoney. 

A board-certified pediatrician, life coach, and certified yoga and mindfulness instructor, Dr. Mahoney draws from her 17 plus years of experience dealing with physician wellness in a large HMO, coaching physicians to find more calm, ease, and contentment, so they can create and enjoy a more intentional and healthy life within and outside of medicine.  

If you are struggling with these issues right now or know someone who is, I invite you to listen to this captivating interview.

Dr. Jessie Mahoney’s  Physician Coaches Profile:

You can find out about  Dr. Mahoney’s 1:1 mindful coaching, read her blog, and find out about yoga offerings, and yoga and coaching retreat opportunities at  You can also listen to Dr. Mahoney weekly on The Mindful Healers Podcast and/or join her community offerings in the Mindful Healthcare Collective. Links for these are on her webpage.


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